Here is TAA Cardiff’s wishlist – if you can donate any of the following that would be great and will help us run a nice clean, arty space with a free meal every day!


-Mops and buckets
-Brooms, dust pan and brush
-Hoover (!!)
-Multipurpose Cleaning fluids, bleach e.t.c
– sponges, rags
– Buckets


-Cordless Drill (!!)
-Nails and Screws
-Planks of wood
-Locks, Bolts, Chains, Paddlocks, D-Locks
– Screwdrivers
-Staple guns & Staples
– Gaffer Tape
-Paint, household, colour, spray


– Buckets
-Fridge (!!)
-BIG Pots/Pans
– Cooking Utensils
-Food Donations, Tin Toms, pasta, rice, sugar e.t.c
-Washing Up liquids
-Tea Towels


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