Fundraising Event / Digwyddiadau Codi Arian

There are a number of fundraising events taking place in the run up to TAA Cardiff, where we will be raising money for art materials, tools, travel expenses, food, electronics etc.

Fundraising Events / Digwyddiadau i godi arian
Sunday 22nd March 15:30Film Showing (The Edukators), Fire, Vegan Cakes & Sunday Roast. Dorombal (Psychedlic Hungarian DJ)
Sunday 5th April 16:00 – Little Eris, DJ WOWZA, Stereoripe, Melltith & Dorombal. Vegan Curry & Cakes for donations. Art installation in the bassment. Come hang out in the graffiti yard
Sunday 26th April – Acwstic Afiach: Faith Taylor, Cosmo & more.

Other Fundraisers Raffle – A local artist is raffling off some of their artwork to raise money for the TAA, more information. Donate to the TAA – if you would like to make a donation to TAA Cardiff, whether it be cash or some equipment or materials you think we might find useful please e-mail us at: taacardiff (at) riseup (dot) net.

Posters from the fundraising events!



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