First TAA Cardiff Fundraiser a lot of fun, and a great sucess! DIOLCH <3

Photos by Zsofi Bohm

So first off just want to say a BIG Maahousive Thanks to everyone that came and made Sunday, our first TAA Fundraiser, a Huge Success!! Several days of Yard cleaning, Painting, Baking, Nut Loafing and Roasting paid off as not only was the day a Blast of fun we raised over 170 pounds- Whoooop! 11051894_10206118706637100_4256817282723976688_o11084142_10206118705357068_4632388917223309734_o Despite the Sunday morning kicking off with a grey sky by the afternoon it was all blue and sunshine. The yard looked with cracking with it’s new lick of paint and the the Free Shop was set up an assortment of hanging clothes and other random goodies sprawled out on tables. Whilst the cooks in the kitchen were finishing up the Roast people made Banners outside for an upcoming protest against Spy cops and sexual abuse to take place later in the week. DJ Dorombal was all set up and his music flowed round the yard as people listened, chilled and waited patiently for their Sunday roast! The kitchen by contrast was a mad hussle and bussle of roasting trays and veggies- there is a reason why you don’t regularly cook a roast for 30+ people!! But we ran only 30 mins late and by half past four the corridor was full of queuing hungry people- luckily we had made an ample amount of food and the feedback was that the food was Scrummy!!! One person said it was the best veggie/vegan food they had had in Cardiff- Thaaaanks!! 10830935_10206118698156888_6439690864100484164_o 11074643_10206118708077136_4048984375230274519_o Afterwards everyone still had room to tuck into Cake and coffee, which is just as well as we had baked quite a selection; Chocolate, Coffee, banana and an experimental Gluten Free Cake! The fire got lit, a few more late comers arrived for some food and the DJ played on combining live clarinet with his tunes. It really was so awesome having Dorombal play for us, his first performance in Cardiff and definitely not his last, we want him to play again!! Such an awesome atmosphere and mix of people all ages, some met through couchsurfing, laughing yoga, some recovering from a Queer disco the night before and parents with their young babies. The best part was loads of people keen to be involved with TAA!! 10984193_10206118682356493_6024153900214879178_o We did eventually play the film ‘The Edukators’, those who hadn’t seen it before watched it inside. The rest of us were content watching the mesmerizing flames of the fire and the yard was filled with a gentle buzz of laughter as the darkness crept it. People left in dribs and drabs and by near to 11 there was only a few of us a lef, we nibbled on the remaining bits of cake and tidied up, tired but also buzzing……. WE HAD JUST FINISHED OUR FIRST FUNDRAISER!!!! 11082343_10206118696676851_8316760506396325711_o It’s no Surprise then, that the next morning we started planning our SECOND TAA FUNDRAISER!!! SO come along on Sunday the 5th of April for our ‘Arty Farty Fancey Dancey Foodie Party’. Kicking off in the afternoon with homemade Vegan cakes and coffee, Curry, live painting, Fancy Dress, GLITTER, and line up of awesome DJs blasting out beats in the basement! So come along and DANCE because Monday is a BANK HOLIDAY!!!! More info on the event soon!!!!! To hear more of DJ Dorombal’s sounds check out



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